Friday, April 29, 2011

Strange Goings On In The Night

Had a strange night…

Around 1 am I heard a sound coming from outside the front of my house that sounded suspiciously like a distressed child. I went to my window and glanced around, but saw nothing. About 10 seconds later I heard a loud metallic thud at the opposite end of my house. So, heavily armed, I went out to investigate. Once again, nothing. Normally I would write this off as my overactive imagination and paranoia, but for the next four hours I felt…off. I immediately got a headache and a stomach ache. I felt anxious and full of energy, which is odd because I was exhausted a second ago.

No idea what caused those sounds, and no idea why I felt strange afterwards. It wasn’t at all pleasant, anyway.

I’m going to go target practice. Valete.


  1. Strange. It could be the adrenaline rush that made you feel that way. I know I can get sick for a few hours when I spring into action. Feeling off though is more from your instincts. Paranoia. Feeling like you're being watched. I say by your description something (what it is, I do not know) occurred during the night, it was unexpected which made your body violently react (aka, rush of adrenaline).

    I cannot explain the sounds you heard, just the way your body reacted because I know it has happened to me a few times before. The child sound is creepy, reminds me of the black eyed children or some theories on Slender Man himself. Was it windy at all? Do you like near woods? We've had a few times the sound of a baby crying when it was really just an animal. Unless you have some sort of metal near your house I can't explain at the moment what that could be. :/

    Keep calm, though. And keep an eye out just in case.

  2. A fight-or-flight reaction. I suppose that, combined with paranoia, was what made me feel that way.

    No, it wasn’t windy. I do have woods on my property, but I’m almost positive that it wasn’t an animal. The metallic sound could have been something hitting my garage, but it came from a different direction.

    Thanks. I’m not overly concerned at the moment, but I am keeping an eye out.

  3. Best thing you can do it listen for any more happenings. Record them, maybe you'll find a pattern. Let us hope it was nothing, though.

  4. It kinda sounds like the Manufactured Newborn. It's been known to show up and use its abilities to get its victims to 'mother' it. If random parts or objects start going missing, there's a good chance it is.

  5. I haven’t heard anything for a long time. I really hope it wasn’t the Manufactured Newborn. I haven’t noticed anything missing, but still…