Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fuck Indiana

I hate this place.
It’s chilly, rainy, and full of places for the Rake to ambush us.

I also hate the (probably non-existent) shack.
Still have not found it. Map “trick” did not narrow down our search at all. This better be one impressive shack.

Spent two weeks running after some goddamned phone-stealing stick-carrying proxy. Who the fuck hides in a playground anyways? That bastard was just begging to be kicked in the head. I don’t care that he was lost and needed to contact his cohorts. You don’t force me to run around Indiana for weeks on end trying to get a phone back. He and his funny looking stick can go straight to Hell. In fact, I told him to go to hell, among other things. In Latin. I may have Cursed him, actually. Can’t bring myself to feel bad about it.


Eternity stole my shotgun.
That’s fine. I’m putting together an anti-Rake water gun anyways. Fucking herding us…

And I did not try to drive off without her as revenge. I was merely attempting to run over the Rake.