Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fuck Indiana

I hate this place.
It’s chilly, rainy, and full of places for the Rake to ambush us.

I also hate the (probably non-existent) shack.
Still have not found it. Map “trick” did not narrow down our search at all. This better be one impressive shack.

Spent two weeks running after some goddamned phone-stealing stick-carrying proxy. Who the fuck hides in a playground anyways? That bastard was just begging to be kicked in the head. I don’t care that he was lost and needed to contact his cohorts. You don’t force me to run around Indiana for weeks on end trying to get a phone back. He and his funny looking stick can go straight to Hell. In fact, I told him to go to hell, among other things. In Latin. I may have Cursed him, actually. Can’t bring myself to feel bad about it.


Eternity stole my shotgun.
That’s fine. I’m putting together an anti-Rake water gun anyways. Fucking herding us…

And I did not try to drive off without her as revenge. I was merely attempting to run over the Rake.


  1. -grin- Holy fuck, I'm happy to hear from you again.

    On a related note, lmfao at the shotgun/running over the Rake attempt. Classic. <3

  2. :) Hey there, glad to hear from you as well.

    Eternity still has my shotgun...and she foiled my running over the Rake attempt. :(
    Ruined all my fun...........

  3. Skan, dear, you were trying to drive a car into a forest. WITH TREES. Trying to hit something that likes to hide. NEXT TO TREES.

  4. You and your logic. Always poking holes in my perfectly unsound plans.

  5. If someone didn't, you would have holes in you instead of your plans.

  6. Oh, how precious.
    Bantering in the pouring rain.
    Is he starting to madden you yet?
    I can see the change.
    Even if you cannot.

    Do you know me, children?

  7. Laugh it up while you still can, Chuckles. And for your information, I feel perfectly sane.