Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free at Last…

I was finally able to leave today, thanks to Faustus’s Spicy Concoction (thank you Faustus). Picked up some more supplies as well as an invisible fence thing for the dog, who I’ve named Alex.

Ah, the Spicy Concoction, also know as SC. It’s supposed to consist of hot peppers, red pepper powder, hot sauce, and wasabi. I had everything except for wasabi, so I decided to substitute it with some homemade pepper spray. The resulting SC was…potent. It made my eyes water and sent me into a coughing fit.
After I had put on goggles and a respirator, I doused my car with the SC. Pretty sure the car melted a little.
As soon as I drove to the end of the driveway, the Rake popped it’s head out of the brush a few yards away. It squinted at the car in disgust, and then slunk away. Hah!

I’ve seen Possum scurrying about in the woods a few times, but other than that he’s been making himself scarce.

Almost forgot. Faustus said I should I put an X on my door, so I did. I’m thinking about carving it onto some trees outside the wards as well, just to expand the perimeter. I’ll have to wear a shirt that’s been washed in SC to do that. Not looking forward to it.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slight Overreaction

So here is my current thought processes. I have done nothing to the Rake out of fear of provoking it. I have come to the conclusion that the Rake is (er…was) after Possum, not me. However, now that Possum has figured out that the Rake cannot get past my wards, Possum has taken up residence in the patch of woods that is inside my wards. Now the Rake wants past the wards, and I’m still a prisoner on my own property. And I hate it. I hate it so much.

Now I ask myself: why? Why am I being so passive? It is not in my nature to let some horrid creature trap me like this. This is bullshit. Most of my skills are offensive, not defensive.

I woke up this morning pissed off. Don’t know why. Pets were smart enough to stay out of my way. I eventually went out to shoot my bow and arrow, hoping to relieve some stress. It didn’t help, which is unusual as it usually does.

After I was done, I started to walk back to the house. And there that bastard was, standing near the property line. The Rake stood hunched over slightly on it’s hind legs, growling and baring it’s teeth (which look very sharp) at me. If I had not been in such a foul mood, I would have turned and ran away. But since I was in a foul mood, I did not…react well to the thing’s threat.

All I can say is the Rake caught me at a bad time. I knocked an arrow and shot it into it’s chest. I think I shocked it. The Rake made this strange sound and fell over before getting onto all-fours and scurrying away. I felt a small amount of satisfaction…and then I realized that I wasn’t getting my arrow back. Damnit.

Now I am intrigued. And feeling creatively destructive. I wonder what effect fire would have on the Rake? Or hydrochloric acid? What if I coated the tip of an arrow in some sort of toxin and shot him? And I’ve yet to test the effectiveness of bullets…


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Friend

I had a little ‘incident’ yesterday. I decided to go double-check the wards, just in case I missed one. It was 94 degrees outside and I had a headache, but that wasn’t going to stop me. *sigh*

I placed a few of my wards in a location that is very hard to get too. To get to them, you must go through a patch of woods, swim across a creek, stumble down a steep hill, and then wade through a sea of stinging nettles and brambles. I call it the Gauntlet.

I decided to bring a shovel with me, just incase a Witches Bottle had become partially unburied or something. I also brought my trusty shogun. Just in case. It’s not fun when you run the Gauntlet while trying to carry a shovel and a shotgun. They get tangled up in everything and you end up nearly shooting yourself.

When I finally reached the creek I left my shotgun leaning against a tree. Not the best idea, but I didn’t want to get it wet. Plus it would throw me off balance since I planned on jumping from stone to stone to get across.

I crossed the creek without getting wet and made it down the hill without breaking my neck. Weaving my way through the brambles and nettles was hard, but I managed to avoid most of the demon plants. I had finally checked the last ward when I heard something large running towards me from the left. I didn’t even look to see what it was; I threw the shovel in its general direction and took off running back to my gun. I heard it falter, but I was too busy being stung by nettles and having my pant legs shredded to turn and see what it was.

As I ran up the hill, I heard it chasing me. I dove into the creek and swam across, nearly braining myself on a rock in the process. I heard the creature splashing behind me, but I had already made it back to my gun. Clicking the safety off, I spun around and aimed at the creature. Said creature barked and wagged its furry tail happily.

There I stood; heart racing, bleeding, itchy, soaked and not amused…staring at a German Shepherd. The dog just stood there, wagging it’s tail and staring back at me.

And now I have a German Shepherd sleeping on my couch. A very lucky German Shepherd. Stupid dog…
At least he’s fairly well behaved. And housebroken. He’s collarless and very skinny, so he’s most likely a stray. Need to think of a name for him…


Monday, July 18, 2011

An Update

Gonna post this now and then go take a nap. Long day. Began writing this last night and finished it this morning. Was planning on posting this later but I changed my mind.

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy with the garden and…other things.

So…yeah. Still haven’t seen the Rake, but I’m no longer leaving my property. At all. There a huge freaking claw marks on about a dozen trees just outside the wards. I’m taking that as a warning.

I feel bad for the mailman. Every time he delivers my mail it puts me on edge. I’ve figured out exactly what time he comes by so I can hide in the bushes and shoot the Rake if it tries to attack him. Good thing he never sees me. The last thing I need is for him to call the cops because some crazy lady is hiding in the bushes with a shotgun, staring at him.

Two nights ago Possum ran right across the wards without stopping. As soon as it got light out I went and made sure nothing had dug my Witches Bottles up. Everything was still in place, to my vast relief. Maybe I succeeded in befriending him?

Freaking nature spirits (or Fae or whatever you want to call them) will not. Shut. Up. Yes, I know something came through the wards. IT HAPPENED TWO DAYS AGO! SHUT UP!


I’m starting to regret talking to them in the first place. I’m really not good at talking to ‘nature spirits’ or whatever. I can sense their presence only if I’m looking for them, and when I try to communicate with them I’m usually ignored. Snooty bastards. But since I wanted a little extra security so I could nap during the day (as I sleep little during the night), I sought them out (and was ignored 98% of the time).

The two that actually acknowledged me are a little…questionable, at best. Unreliable. Better than nothing, I suppose.

No more weird cat dreams. Yay?

Forgot to mention that ShadieyGray’s suggestion worked. Thanks, ShadieyGray. I really appreciate it.


PS: I’m debating whether or not to post what happened today. Maybe I will. I’m sure some of you could use a laugh. Even if it is at my expense…

Next post: A Prime Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Paranoia Get The Best Of You

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Understood. I shall begin hunting immediately.

It seems I have a side errand, which means I’ll be busy. But don’t fret Dodgy; I’ll be sure to make time for you.

At least the Rake has made itself scarce.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Of Fireworks and Were-Hyenas

I decided to call the electrician yesterday. Good thing I did, there was a good chance my house was going to burn down. I split a wire in the wall. Cool, but I won’t be doing that again.

I got to shoot off fireworks, which was fun. I just went to the back of my property, far away from where I’ve seen the Rake and Possum. No incidents to report.

I think Possum is living in the wooded area around my house. I suppose that’s all right since he hasn’t tried to kill me yet... I still don’t know what he is. He looks vaguely hyena-like. Mystery says he might be a were-hyena, and I agree. If that’s the case, why is he hanging out around my home?


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Energy Overload and A Road Trip

My psychic abilities are trying to kill me. With a flip of a switch I knocked out power to a third of my house. Then I spent three hours twitching and pacing around my room while mumbling to myself. The muscles in my right arm spasm every once in a while. It’s a little hard to type.  I don’t know what drinking eighty-seven energy drinks feels like, but I imagine what I felt today is pretty close. I’m fine though. *twitch*

I don’t know whether or not to call an electrician in the morning. I think I split a wire in the wall. If I don’t call one, I have enough knowledge of electrical to know that there is a good chance my house will burn down. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the electrician will get mauled by the Rake. Or Possum. Still haven’t seen him in daylight though.

Went on a four hour road trip yesterday. I really didn’t want to, but I had to. So, fully expecting the Rake to jump onto the hood of my car, I sped out of the driveway at about fifty miles per hour. Nothing happened, which may have been due to the various protective runes and a few charms in the car….
No sign of any otherworldly creatures on my drive, but I felt extremely uncomfortable all day. Not like I was being watched, just… uncomfortable. The feeling went away as soon as I got home. While I was out, I stocked up on food, water, and ect. I should be set for a couple of years, provided my psychic abilities don’t give me a heart attack.

I put more hotdogs out for Possum. He seems to like them. The first night he wolfed them down and pranced off, looking smug. The second night I didn’t see him, but in the morning they were gone. Haven’t seen the Rake in a while…

And I keep having that weird cat dream.