Sunday, July 3, 2011

Energy Overload and A Road Trip

My psychic abilities are trying to kill me. With a flip of a switch I knocked out power to a third of my house. Then I spent three hours twitching and pacing around my room while mumbling to myself. The muscles in my right arm spasm every once in a while. It’s a little hard to type.  I don’t know what drinking eighty-seven energy drinks feels like, but I imagine what I felt today is pretty close. I’m fine though. *twitch*

I don’t know whether or not to call an electrician in the morning. I think I split a wire in the wall. If I don’t call one, I have enough knowledge of electrical to know that there is a good chance my house will burn down. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the electrician will get mauled by the Rake. Or Possum. Still haven’t seen him in daylight though.

Went on a four hour road trip yesterday. I really didn’t want to, but I had to. So, fully expecting the Rake to jump onto the hood of my car, I sped out of the driveway at about fifty miles per hour. Nothing happened, which may have been due to the various protective runes and a few charms in the car….
No sign of any otherworldly creatures on my drive, but I felt extremely uncomfortable all day. Not like I was being watched, just… uncomfortable. The feeling went away as soon as I got home. While I was out, I stocked up on food, water, and ect. I should be set for a couple of years, provided my psychic abilities don’t give me a heart attack.

I put more hotdogs out for Possum. He seems to like them. The first night he wolfed them down and pranced off, looking smug. The second night I didn’t see him, but in the morning they were gone. Haven’t seen the Rake in a while…

And I keep having that weird cat dream.



  1. Don't kill yourself....Any idea why your abilities are acting up and causing you to act like you've had ten gallons of Red Bull? (By the way, I've gone over the limit with the energy drinks once or twice before. Not fun. Muscle spasms and tachycardia....)

    Also, Possum..Maybe he's just a playful wandering spirit. He seems decently...harmless?

  2. Hi. Just a suggestion for you to think about, try focusing on an flame like aura burning off your extra energy. I'm in a fairly similar place as you and this works wonders for me. If you try it and it doesn't work, very sorry and good luck.

    I agree with Black Hawk that Possum may be a wandering spirit, you said you had a wooded area by your house. Maybe it was draw by your now very active energy.

  3. I can absolutely understand why you'd feel uncomfortable away from your house. It's safe. Everywhere else, you have to worry, but at home you can watch what comes with some security. Not trying to make you paranoid; in face, don't use your home's safety as an excuse to become agoraphobic (like me). Ever notice in mythology that the wise men and sages usually live far away from other people in inaccessible spots and the heroes must climb mountains and struggle to reach them. Everyone assumes it's because the heroes must prove themselves worthy of reaching this great person and gain their advice. They never consider how the sage has to live, how they must suffer in the company of their fellow man. How their fellow man doesn't know enough to shield themselves psychically to ease the discomfort of the over-sensitive sage... There's always more than one way to look at any story.

  4. @Black Hawk: I’ll try not to…My abilities act up at random, though I have noticed they also act up when I’m stressed. (That doesn’t sound fun at all. Muscle spasms suck.)

    He does seem fairly harmless. Except for his teeth…he’s friendlier than the Rake, that’s for sure. And he’s definitely playful.

    @ShadieyGray: Hello. I’ll try it, hopefully it will help to keep my unruly energy in check. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I think Possum has made the wooded area his home. Perhaps he was drawn by my energy, it’s been spiking for a while.

    @Mystery: Haha, I’m already paranoid. I tend to avoid people anyway, but I’ll try not to become a hermit. I have noticed that sages live far away from people. I always thought that the sages got fed up with other people and wanted to get away from them, heheh.