Monday, July 18, 2011

An Update

Gonna post this now and then go take a nap. Long day. Began writing this last night and finished it this morning. Was planning on posting this later but I changed my mind.

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy with the garden and…other things.

So…yeah. Still haven’t seen the Rake, but I’m no longer leaving my property. At all. There a huge freaking claw marks on about a dozen trees just outside the wards. I’m taking that as a warning.

I feel bad for the mailman. Every time he delivers my mail it puts me on edge. I’ve figured out exactly what time he comes by so I can hide in the bushes and shoot the Rake if it tries to attack him. Good thing he never sees me. The last thing I need is for him to call the cops because some crazy lady is hiding in the bushes with a shotgun, staring at him.

Two nights ago Possum ran right across the wards without stopping. As soon as it got light out I went and made sure nothing had dug my Witches Bottles up. Everything was still in place, to my vast relief. Maybe I succeeded in befriending him?

Freaking nature spirits (or Fae or whatever you want to call them) will not. Shut. Up. Yes, I know something came through the wards. IT HAPPENED TWO DAYS AGO! SHUT UP!


I’m starting to regret talking to them in the first place. I’m really not good at talking to ‘nature spirits’ or whatever. I can sense their presence only if I’m looking for them, and when I try to communicate with them I’m usually ignored. Snooty bastards. But since I wanted a little extra security so I could nap during the day (as I sleep little during the night), I sought them out (and was ignored 98% of the time).

The two that actually acknowledged me are a little…questionable, at best. Unreliable. Better than nothing, I suppose.

No more weird cat dreams. Yay?

Forgot to mention that ShadieyGray’s suggestion worked. Thanks, ShadieyGray. I really appreciate it.


PS: I’m debating whether or not to post what happened today. Maybe I will. I’m sure some of you could use a laugh. Even if it is at my expense…

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  1. Youre very welcome. Just a question for personal reference, what color do u use for ur fire?