Monday, May 30, 2011

My day

*sigh* Yeah. Had a great day.

Had people over. People were really annoying. No, they aren’t unbearable, I’ve just been in a foul mood the whole day. Ringing in my ears. People had really annoying offspring. I don’t like children. Well, I don’t like bratty children. They have one good child, the others I don’t enjoy being around. Little things in my room, in my territory, breaking my things, making me relocate my guns and knives. No.
Their visit was cut short by the one child I like getting sick. Figures. They whisked the poor thing off to the emergency room. No one seems to know what’s wrong with her.

The lights all over my house have been acting strange whenever I spend too much time near them. Whenever I take a shower one of the lights turns itself on and off. One of the basement lights switches itself on and off whenever I stand near it. The light in my room started buzzing the other day, which is the cause of the ringing in my ears. It stopped buzzing today. I went to turn it and it shattered in my hand.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello all.

Mystery's still missing and Shady's still on the run.

And and a certain someone is after Executor.


I would have liked to have gotten my hands on him personally, but I suppose that'll do.

All's well on my end. Heard some strange sounds again but haven't seen anything yet. No more bad feelings, and no more mood swings. No more dreams featuring a pissed off leopard. I will miss them, but they were getting a bit gruesome.

Just worried about Mystery and Shady. But I have confidence in them, as they're both pretty resourceful.

Tzamain, please don't do anything rash.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Much Better

So, Shady has escaped (somehow) and is currently on the run. Even though she hasn’t made it to safety yet, I’m quite confident she will. And, even though a certain someone will not be pleased, I am quite happy.

My intense hatred for the Executor has not ebbed in the least. I keep having dreams about my totem animal (leopard) mauling him.

On another note, my beloved machete that has been missing for a month suddenly appeared on my desk yesterday. I’m not quite sure how I missed the two-foot knife lying on my desk for an entire month…

Be safe, Shady.


Monday, May 23, 2011


I feel better now. I can still feel the dread, though it is not as strong. Irritation is replacing the nervousness once again. Sorry about that last post. I typed exactly what I thought, and in my mind some words can flow together.
My TV gave me quite a scare. It completely froze up for about five minutes. Then it let out a loud screech and turned off. Needless to say, I was not amused.

No sign of anything, but I’m not dropping my guard.



Sovery nervous, for absolutely noreason. Though I must say nervousness is better than the rage I was feeling notso long ago. I’ve had this feeling before, morethan once, it always precedes something bad happening. Power has gone out a few times.  Staying alert fornow. Update later.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Remembered Dream

I remembered part of a dream I had a while back. Funny, after I had the dream I immediately forgot about it. I’m not even sure what the dream was about, I only recall the last few seconds of it.

I was talking to someone, I have no idea who. Apparently we were on a hill. I glanced over the person’s shoulder and saw something crawling up the hill towards us. The best way to describe it is a cross between the Rake and a licker from Resident Evil 5. The way it moved…it was like the thing’s spine was broken. It was dark grey in color and completely hairless. It had huge claws on it’s hands (or paws?). The only facial feature it had were two black eyes. I locked eyes with it and immediately woke up.


Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello all.

I suppose after three posts I should elaborate slightly on my not-quite introductory first post. I’m not using this blog for anything specific at the moment. If something happens, and I feel like sharing it, it’ll end up here. If I have a dream, I’ll write it down and it might end up here. If I feel like ranting, well, I’ll rant here. I’ll use this blog more in the summer. I never feel like doing anything in the winter.

(Damn alarm clocks are still switching themselves off.)