Monday, May 30, 2011

My day

*sigh* Yeah. Had a great day.

Had people over. People were really annoying. No, they aren’t unbearable, I’ve just been in a foul mood the whole day. Ringing in my ears. People had really annoying offspring. I don’t like children. Well, I don’t like bratty children. They have one good child, the others I don’t enjoy being around. Little things in my room, in my territory, breaking my things, making me relocate my guns and knives. No.
Their visit was cut short by the one child I like getting sick. Figures. They whisked the poor thing off to the emergency room. No one seems to know what’s wrong with her.

The lights all over my house have been acting strange whenever I spend too much time near them. Whenever I take a shower one of the lights turns itself on and off. One of the basement lights switches itself on and off whenever I stand near it. The light in my room started buzzing the other day, which is the cause of the ringing in my ears. It stopped buzzing today. I went to turn it and it shattered in my hand.



  1. Shattered in your hand? Never heard of a lightbulb doing that before.Shattering yes, but not like that.

  2. Me neither. I wasn’t putting a lot of pressure on it or anything, I just turned it and it shattered. Weird.