Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Energetically Exhausted

Apparently whatever physic abilities I posses have suddenly decided to switch themselves on full-blast, for reasons unknown. Unfortunately, this means that electronical devises are now behaving strangely in my presence. I’m relatively certain that I’m draining power from every light bulb in the house, since they flicker/dim every time I get too close or spend too much time around them. I’ve always been a little clairvoyant, and occasionally I’ll get a vision or a feeling the split second before something horrible happens, but I’ve never affected lights before. I blame my mother. I received whatever abilities I have from her.

Ever since the flicky lights started I’ve been full of energy. It’s like a constant caffeine high. Today I ran across about 33 acres without breaking a sweat. Which is cool, but strange, since I was not capable of that three days ago. As an unfortunate side affect, I’m jittery as hell. Sitting a dark room seems to help with that. I really have no choice but to sit in the dark, as I have not yet been able to remove the remains of the light bulb from my lamp.

I got some test scores back today. Though it goes against popular belief, I am apparently not an idiot. The colorful piece of paper says I’m fairly intelligent. Huh. Who’d have thought? Not I, not I.

Shady’s still running, Mystery’s still missing, and now that damn Seer in Shadows

For now, I’m off to bed. I hope I don’t fry my air conditioner…

No. No latin. I’m sick and freaking tired of latin.


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