Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Bored

I haven’t been feeling that great lately, which explains the lack of posts.

Something large and white scurried across my lawn two nights ago. It was human sized. I didn’t get a good look at it, since it was dark and the thing didn’t stick around. Not jumping to any conclusions here, but I just installed some Witches Bottles around the property. Just in case. It could have been the world’s largest possum. Or a dog. I’m calling it Possum.

I had an unnerving dream which involved two intimidating entities…one I half expected to be there, but the other really surprised me. I’ll eventually type it up. Words don’t really do it justice, but I’ll try.

Ever since that dream I’ve heard whispering. I think I know what’s causing it now, but at first it was pretty unpleasant.

I found out that I should avoid light bulbs when I’m really stressed. They tend to shatter.

Aside from a few exciting incidents, I’ve been a little bored. It’s rained every day here for the past week, and I haven’t had much to do. I suppose I should just shut up and enjoy the down time…


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Just relax for now. And don't worry, I've been feeding you fish while you were gone(its strangely fun XD)

  2. Feel better...And here's to hoping that whatever was on your lawn was innocent. Innocent as in having nothing to do with otherworldly abominations.

  3. @MsSynclair: Thanks, I will. Haha, aren’t they addictive? I love those fish.

    @Black Hawk: Thanks. Yeah, I’m really hoping it’s not what I think it is.

  4. And just what do you think that is was? Worst case scenario, I mean.

  5. @Eternity: Worst case scenario? Because of it’s color and size, I think it might be the Rake. I really, really hope it’s not… Actually, I can see it right now. It’s too far away for me to see it properly, but it’s on all four’s and it’s white. It’s sitting just outside of my property. It doesn’t seem to be able to get through the wards. I only see it at night, which is a little strange.

  6. Well Shit. Another abomination to deal with. This Rake...I hope he stays away.

  7. @Eternity: Yeah, I hope it stays away too. If not, we’ll find out for sure if guns can harm it. But I’m not completely sure the thing lurking around my yard is the Rake.