Friday, June 3, 2011

Accidental Mayhem

Shady is home, Mystery has reappeared, and I got someone (coworker) fired. Well, it wasn’t my fault entirely, I just sent him off the deep end. It’s not my fault he preemptively distrusted me. I didn’t do anything, and I actually liked the guy. *sigh* Jeez, he was replaced very quickly.

Newly awaken physic-ness is driving me up the damn wall. I just want to sit still for five minutes, but nooo, I gotta get up and run three*&$#$%&*$%^&# miles just to get myself to stop jittering. People must think I’m crazy. “Mommy, why is that person running around laughing hysterically?” “Just ignore her sweetie. She’s obviously not quite right in the head.” Though I must say, out-running bicyclers is fun. I’m eventually going to be labeled ADD by someone. I did find a shiny washer on the ground today. I totally kept it.


Oh, the mayhem I have caused. Breaking light bulbs, killing lamps, draining innocent bystander’s phone batteries. I drained my own phone battery too. Sitting in a dark room seems to be the only way to avoid causing too much mayhem. I haven’t killed my air conditioner yet. Good. It’s 90 degrees outside, and the second floors in old farm houses are not renowned for their coolness in the summertime.

Sorry, acting nuts here. This excess energy is making my thoughts erratic.

Still sick of the latin.



  1. It is fun to laugh hysterically while running around. Favorite hobby of mine.

    So you're the reason Tzamain is going crazy. Oh well. If he's actually heading our way we'll try and let him vent. Maybe it doesn't have to be so bad...

    Are you well? We haven't spoken too much since my crappy cellphone texts. Send me something on Youtube soon or I'll start spamming you.

  2. I feel your pain. No, really, everything you're describing here I went through when I was your age. It was so fun (not). And I still blow out electrical devices to this day, though not nearly as much as I used to.

    I know it seems counter intuitive considering our slender anti-friend, but trees can really help keep you on an even keel. Houseplants too, but depending upon your home life, that might not be enough. I also recommend meditation.

    Also, beware of wearing crystals right now- quartz, herkimer, diamond, opals, and ESPECIALLY amber and jet or any kind of petrified organic matter. They're just going to amp your energy and make it even harder to control. It may end up that you won't ever be able to wear jewelry for more than a few hours once your "growth spurt" is over, and will only be able to use stones and such in special circumstances before putting them away (like me).

  3. Trees? That’s good, there’s s lot of trees on my property. I’ll try meditation.

    I’ll be sure to stay away from crystals. More energy is the last thing I need. I’ve never been much of a jewelry wearer anyway.

    Thanks you for the advice Mystery. I really appreciate it.