Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So damn tired.

Spent most of yesterday curled up underneath a basswood tree, sound asleep. I went to bed at eleven last night and woke up at nine thirty this morning. I managed to stay awake for about an hour before going back to sleep until three. I preferred it when I was full of energy.

Only destroyed one light bulb in the past few days. That’s mostly because I’ve stopped replacing them. It’s quite dark in here.

I have to constantly charge my phone, and I get headaches often, but it’s not so bad. Inconvenient yes, but I’m not loosing my mind or dying, so it’s all good. Trees are helpful. Very calming.


  1. Trees really are the best at equalizing your energy, but it seems like you're shooting from two extremes. Some houseplants might help you more than trees at this point.

  2. Wish my energy would just equal out. I just got some plants. I’ll see if they help. Thanks Mystery.