Monday, June 27, 2011

Him and…Sekhmet?

Finally got around to posting my dream…
Everything around me was black, empty space. I walked around a little before noticing someone and going over to them. I’m guessing it was Sekhmet, since she was dressed in red. She was…intimidating, to say the least. She’s also difficult to describe accurately. Words don’t really do her justice. She has the head of a lioness, of course. She was about seven feet tall with a red aura, and her jaws were covered in blood. She was facing to the left of me, staring fixedly at something and clutching a spear in her hand. She glanced at me for a second, and then looked back. I turned to see what she was looking at and froze. There was Slendy, standing a little ways away. I hadn’t noticed Him at all.

As soon as I saw him, I tried to wake myself up. I couldn’t do it. I tried to take control of my dream and throw up a brick wall between myself and Him. Nothing happened. I mentally called my totem animals. They didn’t come. He didn’t move at all. As I stared at Him, I noticed that He looked a little blurry, like He wasn’t fully there. Before I could dwell on that fact, He extended His arm at me, almost in an inviting fashion. My eyes widened even further and I ducked behind Sekhmet.

Was that cowardly of me? Perhaps a bit. But have you seen Sekhmet? She could bite your head clean off of your shoulders without even trying. And she was covered in blood. Plus, I had no idea why she was there, as I had never had any contact with her before. Being so close to her was frightening, and I figured she was probably going to eat me. It was still better than having Him abduct me or kill me or whatever He planned on doing.

Instead of eating me, Sekhmet looked at me over her shoulder, and then turned and roared at Him. I felt the sound in my chest, and it echoed in my skull. I flinched and woke up.

I don’t think that was actually Him in my dream. I wasn’t completely paralyzed by fear, and I didn’t go insane when I looked at His (nonexistent) face. Not sure if He was a product of my subconscious, or if He was an illusion produced by Sekhmet (who was definitely real).

Pretty sure the whispering I now hear is Sekhmet and Bastet. I’ve seen Bastet in my dreams twice now. Once when I was ten, and two days after I saw Sekhmet. She seems nice, all smiles and purrs. She’s less likely to kill me than the ‘Lady of Slaughter,’ anyway.

I’ve seen Possum skirting the edge of my property. It’s too far away and moves too fast to get a good look, but it’s definitely Possum.
I can see Possum now. It's been there awhile, sitting near the edge of my property. The grid of Witches Bottles works. Possum isn’t even trying to come onto my property. So far I’ve only seen it at night. Maybe it’s nocturnal?


  1. The best way to get on Sekhmet's good side? Beer and lots of it, preferably tinged red.

    Seems like you're already on her good side though.

  2. Red tinged beer? Thanks, that’s good to know. You think I’m on her good side? Good. She scares me a little. I still don’t know why she showed up in my dream.

  3. I hate it when dreams are stubborn, what normally works for me is when i not put to much focus or energy into a command. Like as if it were natural and not forced, but being in a time danger with no time to concentrate is understandable. Try to go with the flow of the dream if that makes any sense.
    i liked how you keep tried multiple ways of getting to safety, its always good to keep your options open. I have a large black wolf form i like to go to when i feel like in danger, but hey that's just me.

  4. @den morrande varg: I was on auto pilot, I just wanted to get away. I’ll try to remain calm and try that next time.

    I like to shift into a dragon when I feel I’m in danger. HEY! I totally forgot to try to turn into a dragon. Damnit. I love doing that. I actually forgot to try some other ways to get away… I could have tried to summon something to protect me! Freakin’ Slendy breaking my concentration...

  5. That's completely understandable....heh, try picturing slendy in a rainbow fro next time in your dream...Maybe it might calm your nerves and help you concentrate
    Normally in dream panic i turn to animalistic instinct and the first thing that comes to mind? Wolf. Perhaps tapping into instinct may be easier for you in a time of need/panic.
    I've ridden a dragon once in my dream and the feeling flying was amazing!!

  6. Lol, I’d laugh so hard. Not sure if laughing hysterically would help me concentrate.

    Hm. I could try that. I’d probably end up turning into a fox or a feline of some sort.

    I love the feeling of flight. It’s exhilarating.

  7. Well great. First Slendy and now..'Possum'? Damn otherworldly abominations..I really do wish that someone would find a way do destroy them, or banish them, or...something.

  8. @Black Hawk: Yeah… Well, if Possum starts acting hostile I’ll shoot it. Perhaps bullets will work on it. I don’t think I could banish it. I can do some magic-y type stuff, but nothing that advanced.

    Heh, I like the name ‘Possum.’

  9. Yeah..Banishing something probably takes a LOT of talent/practice/etc.. I wouldn't know but...Bullets work on a LOT of things. Especially if it's a high powered weapon..Speaking of guns, I need to get myself one..Might come in handy someday.

    Possum...Sounds much better than the alternatives..

  10. @Black Hawk: Getting a gun would be a good idea. You may not ever use it, but it’s a nice option to have. I recommend a shotgun or a revolver. You don’t really have to aim with a shot gun; just point it in the direction of your target. And revolvers are really simple.

    That’s exactly why I call it Possum.

  11. Glad I didn't have that gun today...Might have gotten arrested otherwise. I have a shotgun at home..Not sure if I have the courage to go back to that place and get it though.

  12. @Black Hawk: Something happen? Hope it wasn’t anything bad.
    Perhaps it would be better to just acquire a new one.

  13. Something indeed. Both Hawk and I were run out of his hiding spot.Perhaps it is good for him. Now I have to find him again.
    I wouldn't go back to that place if I were you, Hawk.It is too well known, now.

  14. If you two were run out, then I don’t suggest going back. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

  15. Oh, I'm never going back to that town if I can help it. Mostly because of the cops, and because my dream attacks started there. As for my home though..If He follows me everywhere I go, then home is no safer or really more dangerous than any other place, unless I stay too long..I don't know. I'll have to think about it. But I've got some stuff hidden that I really would like to get back.

  16. You do what you think is best. Just be careful.