Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Now We Wait

Hypnos has thrown down the gauntlet, and shall be attacking Friday. Fine with me. Got some things I want to try out. Hehehehehe.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It’s really quiet around here.

And it’s slowly driving me insane. Besides the incident with the arm, nothing of interest has happened here. Eternity is getting a little paranoid, not that I blame her. At least she isn’t pacing around the house with a shotgun…that would be me. Hawk and Alex keep giving me concerned looks…

We haven’t seen anyone or anything. No proxies, no Rake. Faustus hasn’t seen the Rake either, actually. I’ve seen Possum around, but he stays at the back of the property for the most part.

If Hypnos is nearby and plotting something, then I really want to make a preemptive strike, but I can’t think of way to do that without starting a large forest fire. And the weather has screwed up my plans…stupid rain. I hope Hypnos got struck my lightning.

So, plan #1. I’m going to make a ward that I can tie around an arrow. Then I’ll shoot the arrow into a tree on the other side of the main wards. Simple. Easy to remember. The trees won’t like it, but I doubt it’s any worse than carving symbols into them. I have a few flawed arrows that I’ll use, ‘cause I don’t like losing the good ones. Going outside of the main wards will still be unsafe, as the new wards won’t be as strong. Still, it’s a deterrent. And I need to do something productive before I snap.

Uh oh. Bad thought. Could they be..? Nah. Last time I checked, the Rake and Slendy weren’t on friendly terms……right? …I’m just gonna go make some of that rue oil now.

Oh yeah, I wanted to make some land mines as well, but I decided against it….or did I? I forget. Hehehehehe.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Down

Still half asleep, I stumbled down the stairs around 8am this morning and made my way to the kitchen. I mumbled a “g’morning” to Hawk and Eternity who were sitting at the table, eating breakfast. Walking to the door, I grabbed the shotgun that was leaning against the doorframe and went out to get the mail I had left in the box yesterday. Almost to the mailbox, I tripped over an arm.


I stared at it for a while, blinking in confusion. Why..? Why was there an arm in the driveway? I looked around for the rest of the body, but found nothing. No blood. No ripped up clothing. Just…a sleeveless human arm. Did Eternity and Hawk have both their arms? I thought they did. Surely I would have noticed if they didn’t, right? Probably. Losing interest, I kicked the arm across the wards and continued on to the mailbox.

Of course, once I read Hawk’s post, it made sense. Apparently the Rake had retrieved his victim’s arm and tossed it into the driveway. What the hell was that proxy thinking? Was he suicidal? Was he coming to talk to us?

You know what? I can’t bring myself to care.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That was relaxing.

After sitting up in a tree for four hours, I’m feeling better. That may have something to do with the fact that I took a pot shot at one of Hypnos’ lackeys with a handgun and miraculously hit him in the arm, but whatever. I’m fine now. And I’m starting to get better at “going invisible.” And Shady is back. Now I feel great.

And…I should probably apologize for scaring the hell out of Eternity. I walked into the house while still “invisible” and “appeared” right next to her while she looked out the window, trying to figure out where that gunshot had come from. Sorry Eternity. My bad…eheh.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fuck. You. Hypnos.

That was a low blow, Hypnos. Though I suppose my dream gave you the perfect opportunity...  It was rather brilliant of you to pick this particular dream to enter, actually. I was so focused on beating the living hell out of my arch nemesis (let’s call him Z, mmk?), that I didn’t even notice you sneak into my head.
Of course I threw you out in less than thirty seconds, but really, what did you expect? I mean, why would you take that motherfucker’s form?

So, yeah. Hypnos snuck into my head while I was dreaming of a showdown between myself and Z. This dream is more or less a lucid dream, and I’ve had it before.

So the dream was in full swing. As per usual, Z and I were jumping around and trying to rip each other’s heads off in creative ways. Swords, shape shifting, lightning bolts, ect. Suddenly, and completely out of nowhere, Z falters. This had never happened before. And, really, shame on me for not noticing that Z was actually Hypnos at this point.
I shifted into a lioness and went after “Z,” happy to have finally caught him. Then I noticed how cold it had gotten. Feeling that something was wrong, I skidded to a halt, slipping and sliding and wondering where the fuck all this ice had come from.
When he turned to face me, I immediately knew that this man was an unwelcome presence in my mind. No longer caught up in the dream, I stared at “Z,” not even bothering to shift back into a human.
“What’s the matter, little trickster?” he mocked, using Z’s nickname for me. He had Z’s voice, Z’s condescending way of talking, and, hell, he even stood like Z. If it wasn’t for his eyes and the fact that he had changed things in the dream without my consent, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.
The new landscape was unstable and dark. Everything was shifting. It was just so…wrong. And I was…not happy. I lunged at Hypnos, and at the same time I-I don’t even know. Mentally lashed out, I guess? It’s hard to describe, but Hypnos flinched like I’d punched him, and disappeared before I could sink my claws into him. I managed to wake myself up, and immediately wished I hadn’t.
It felt like there was an angry horse in my skull, kicking the hell out of my brain. Hello migraine. I curled up into a ball under the covers, and noticed the nosebleed. I really didn’t think about it much, but now I’m pretty sure I kneed myself in the face while I was asleep. Thus the nosebleed…and the mild bruising.

Proxies: You should all play Eternity’s game. It would solve a lot of your problems. Plus it’ll be fun.

So yes. I’m fine. Perfectly fine. Perfectly calm. Never felt more levelheaded in all my life. So. Damn. Calm. Have I mentioned that I do not like dreamwalkers? I think I have, somewhere along the line.

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go sit in a tree.

You bastard son of a bitch.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to stop my nosebleed, and I’m going to take some aspirin. Once I’m done with that, I’m going to laugh at you for at least five minutes, and then I’m taking a nap. Feel free to interrupt this one as well. After all, it worked out so well the last time, novice. And yes, you are a novice, aren’t you? I can tell. You were there, but you had no power whatsoever, much like a hologram. Course, I couldn’t touch you either…but still-

-I guarantee you won’t be able to do that again. You’ve got my full attention now, dreamwalker.

Anyways… Once I wake up, I’m going to write up a post on our little encounter.

Hawk, Eternity, don’t expect me to be awake before noon. I’m fine, just sleeping. Could you feed Alex and the cat for me?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I wander off to stalk someone with a strange symbol on their jacket for a day (turned out to be nothing), and come back to find a headless deer near my lawn and several blog posts saying that someone else has gone missing? Well shit. Like Hawk said, people need to stop disappearing.

On a lighter note, I made some ‘dream pillows’ for Hawk and Eternity. Without going into detail, the dream pillows are pillows stuffed with some herbs and ect that will help prevent psychic attacks and promote a peaceful sleep. Will they keep Hypnos away completely? No. Will they make things a little more difficult for Hypnos? Most definitely. Well…hopefully. They’re better than nothing.
According to Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, blueberries are supposed to give you some protection while you’re under psychic attack. Hope they like blueberries.
Think I’ll make some dream catchers as well. Not sure what I’m going to make them with yet.

And I don’t care what this says about me, but I want to eat that deer. I love venison.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Been home for a while, actually. Got home, gave Hawk and Eternity some mobile wards, showed them around a little, showed them their rooms, advised them not to go outside at night (because of Possum), and then I curled up in bed. I think my energy is on the fritz again…soon as I stepped in the door, a light flickered and went out. Then I fell asleep for…I don’t know how long. Eheh, I’m not being a very good host.

I didn’t bother taking the ‘copter back to it’s owner yet, I just landed it in the field on my property. Have to do that tomorrow, since my car is still in the airport parking lot. Need to pick up the pets as well.

Looks like everyone’s asleep. Since I’m awake, I think I’ll make two slightly modified dream pillows.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeward Bound

Either my math was off, or the guy who owns the ‘copter didn’t actually know how fast it went. It's not a thirteen hour flight like I originally thought, it's a ten hour flight. (I left at six and got there at ten instead of one…Slight miscalculation.) The ‘copter is a Bell 407, one of the faster models available for the public, and I’m horrible at math, so it could have been both. Better three hours shorter than three hours longer, I guess. I’m just glad to be heading back to my own time zone.

I ended up waiting a few hours for Eternity and Hawk, which I certainly didn’t mind. I found an extra granola bar in my pack, and after I had eaten it I fell asleep. It was nice. No dreams of any kind.

I was awoken by one of my “feelings,” the kind that I get right before something bad happens. Luckily, this “feeling” wasn’t the “OMG something’s coming to kill me RIGHT NOW” feeling, it was just a strong sense of unease. So I spent the next five minutes looking around in groggy suspicion. I didn’t see anything, but I happened to look at my watch (that I had set to the correct time) and was startled to realize it was 7:06pm. I grabbed my laptop and spent the next few minutes watching for a comment from Hawk or Eternity. I eventually got the .30-06 out of it’s box and set it on the seat beside me, just in case. It’s loaded with 220 grain bullets. People use that grain for hunting bear and moose. Overkill? Nah. Though the recoil might break your shoulder.

Once they scurried onto the ‘copter, I tossed them two headsets (complete with microphones….fancy) and took off at top speed. Not gonna lie…they look like hell. And they’re skinny. No worries, I have tons of food at home.

Speaking of food, that’s why I’ve stopped now. I’m really freaking hungry. I thought about stopping hours ago, but my sense of unease hadn’t faded, and my passengers were falling asleep. When my sense of unease faded completely, I started looking for a small airport, since they usually have a stash of food for the pilots and lax/no security. Found one. They had food. No security. Goody.

Just about ready to leave…we haven’t been on the ground more than five minutes but I want to get moving again. Hawk seems to agree. He’s almost as twitchy as I am…
And they keep thanking me. That’s something I’m certainly not used to… You’re welcome guys. Seriously, I don’t mind. I enjoy flying; this is like a vacation for me.

Hypnos. Since you had the courtesy to warn Hawk and Eternity, I’ll do the same for you: Do not come after us. It will not end well for you.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Just realized that I got here a lot sooner than expected. I was looking at my watch, which is three hours faster than the current time zone. Sorry about that guys, told you the wrong time.

I made great time getting here. Hopefully I make good time on the way back as well.

Arrived at the airport

Waiting for Hawk and Eternity.

And posting real quick here before we take off. I have a formulated a plan. I think I’ll fly to that place I saw three hours back and get something to eat. I’m bloody starving, but there’s no way I’m staying around here. Though I am very much tempted to land this ‘copter in a Wendy’s parking lot…

After that, I’ll fly for four more hours and stop at that place I slept at last night. Then I’ll fly the remaining six hours home…I’m sure I’ll be able to sneak a nap sometime. (Am mainly posting the ‘plan’ so I don’t forget it.)

So glad they didn’t have me land in any “main” areas…security might have discovered the rifle I have in a box under the backseats. I’m currently breaking at least four laws, but it’s comforting to have.

I’ll post again when I have time.

And I’m off…again

Glad I put those mobile wards in the ‘copter, even though I haven’t seen the Rake or anything. They made me sleep easier. Alright, I’m taking off. See you two in seven hours.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Six Hours Later

I’ve stopped for the night. Glad I brought my laptop, even though it’s a piece of crap.
Had a pleasant flight. I forgot about the time difference….oh well. It’s not going to change anything. I just get some extra hours of sleep. Sleeping in the helicopter tonight. The seats are really comfy, so that’s nice.

I’m going to bed in an hour or so. Seven hour flight in the morning… Leaving at 6am, Pacific Time.

And I'm Off

Funding acquired! I’m leaving in ten minutes. I’ll be there around 1pm on the 5th.

I’ll be the girl with sort blonde hair, a camouflage jacket, gloves, and combat boots. No doubt I’ll be wandering around and eating candy of some sort. If you don’t see me, you might see the helicopter. It's red and back paint job is hard to miss.

I’ll start looking for you as soon as I arrive.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My soon-to-be houseguests have fallen suspiciously silent. If I have to go search for them with the Clawed One nipping at my heels, I’m going to be pissed. Not at them, of course. Though I will get to use the helicopter I borrow from a guy at a nearby airport…been looking for a good excuse to use it.

Hypnos…wonder why someone would name themselves ‘Hypnos.’ Perhaps ‘Thanatos’ was already taken?

*yawns* was going to add more to this post, but I’m off to bed. Meh, I’ll post again later.