Friday, August 5, 2011

Just realized that I got here a lot sooner than expected. I was looking at my watch, which is three hours faster than the current time zone. Sorry about that guys, told you the wrong time.

I made great time getting here. Hopefully I make good time on the way back as well.


  1. Oh good. Yeah, sorry about the time miscommunication. We see you now..We'll be leaving the building very soon. Hawk is still under the fear that Hypnos is lurking around. That said I recommend a quick departure.

  2. That’s fine, it was my fault. My math was off…I think… Anyways, it’s a ten hour flight, not a thirteen hour flight. Which is great news for me. I actually got a nap in while waiting, so that’s great too.
    I’m starting the helicopter now…I’m a bit uneasy, actually. Perhaps I’ll un-box the gun as well…it's a 30-06, a high powered rifle.

    It’s been a few minutes, so I’m sure you’re on your way to the ‘copter by now. See ya in a bit.

  3. Hawk's got his handgun. Didn't realize it. But we see you personally now, we're about 25 feet away. Hawk insisted on moving very slowly and cautiously. Can't say I blame him. Talk to you face to face in about thirty seconds. :)