Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Now We Wait

Hypnos has thrown down the gauntlet, and shall be attacking Friday. Fine with me. Got some things I want to try out. Hehehehehe.


  1. Finally, I hear from you. Jeez. By the way, I have a game I'm going to play while I wait for various things. If you want to play, just let me know.

    Also, I let my friend know about the request. Only time will tell if she will help me, though.

  2. @Dia: Sorry. Been increasing the defenses around the house. Game? What kind of game?

    I’d be surprised if she didn’t.

  3. I don't honestly know. Codes and the such. I'm hoping it is fun, everyone needs a distraction right now.

    I don't know..

  4. I cannot believe he told you when he was coming. It's rather like the old tactics of two armies meeting each other, marching towards each other, shooting. Stupid. Futile. Gets you killed.

    I hope you take this guy out.

  5. @Dia: Left a comment on the wordpress site.

    @Zia: One would think that a surprise attack would’ve been more practical.

    Black Hawk is extremely pissed and Eternity and I are out for blood.
    I hope we take him out as well.

  6. Good luck and have fun beating the shit out of Hypnos's forces also becarful.