Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My soon-to-be houseguests have fallen suspiciously silent. If I have to go search for them with the Clawed One nipping at my heels, I’m going to be pissed. Not at them, of course. Though I will get to use the helicopter I borrow from a guy at a nearby airport…been looking for a good excuse to use it.

Hypnos…wonder why someone would name themselves ‘Hypnos.’ Perhaps ‘Thanatos’ was already taken?

*yawns* was going to add more to this post, but I’m off to bed. Meh, I’ll post again later.


  1. I hope they are alright.

    As for "Hypnos," maybe he thinks he's subtle enough to get away with calling himself the god of dreams, but now that Black and Eternity know what he looks like, he might have to pick a new name.

  2. We're alive, don't worry.. That Hypnos bastard decided to revert back to his old self and shot me in the foot..

    So...helicopter? How far can you go Skan? Eternity and I can hobble pretty much anywhere, though I admit, we look like quite the pair right now...

  3. Hawk: Shot you in the foot, then hijacked my blog...

    Skan: You know, you are right. Who chooses Hypnos over Thanatos?

  4. @Mystery: He’s definitely going to need a new name. Shooting someone in the foot is not subtle at all.

    @Black Hawk: You live! He…shot you in the foot?! At least it wasn’t your head…
    The Sacramento Airport…I can make that in two days. Or 13 hours, depending on the urgency.

    @Eternity: I know right? And he hijacked your blog? The bastard.

  5. Yeah. Talk about lack of subtlety. And he COULD have shot me in the head, too...Bastard. Sometimes I find myself preferring that he would. Sometimes.
    Days are good. We'll be on the move shortly.