Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeward Bound

Either my math was off, or the guy who owns the ‘copter didn’t actually know how fast it went. It's not a thirteen hour flight like I originally thought, it's a ten hour flight. (I left at six and got there at ten instead of one…Slight miscalculation.) The ‘copter is a Bell 407, one of the faster models available for the public, and I’m horrible at math, so it could have been both. Better three hours shorter than three hours longer, I guess. I’m just glad to be heading back to my own time zone.

I ended up waiting a few hours for Eternity and Hawk, which I certainly didn’t mind. I found an extra granola bar in my pack, and after I had eaten it I fell asleep. It was nice. No dreams of any kind.

I was awoken by one of my “feelings,” the kind that I get right before something bad happens. Luckily, this “feeling” wasn’t the “OMG something’s coming to kill me RIGHT NOW” feeling, it was just a strong sense of unease. So I spent the next five minutes looking around in groggy suspicion. I didn’t see anything, but I happened to look at my watch (that I had set to the correct time) and was startled to realize it was 7:06pm. I grabbed my laptop and spent the next few minutes watching for a comment from Hawk or Eternity. I eventually got the .30-06 out of it’s box and set it on the seat beside me, just in case. It’s loaded with 220 grain bullets. People use that grain for hunting bear and moose. Overkill? Nah. Though the recoil might break your shoulder.

Once they scurried onto the ‘copter, I tossed them two headsets (complete with microphones….fancy) and took off at top speed. Not gonna lie…they look like hell. And they’re skinny. No worries, I have tons of food at home.

Speaking of food, that’s why I’ve stopped now. I’m really freaking hungry. I thought about stopping hours ago, but my sense of unease hadn’t faded, and my passengers were falling asleep. When my sense of unease faded completely, I started looking for a small airport, since they usually have a stash of food for the pilots and lax/no security. Found one. They had food. No security. Goody.

Just about ready to leave…we haven’t been on the ground more than five minutes but I want to get moving again. Hawk seems to agree. He’s almost as twitchy as I am…
And they keep thanking me. That’s something I’m certainly not used to… You’re welcome guys. Seriously, I don’t mind. I enjoy flying; this is like a vacation for me.

Hypnos. Since you had the courtesy to warn Hawk and Eternity, I’ll do the same for you: Do not come after us. It will not end well for you.

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