Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That was relaxing.

After sitting up in a tree for four hours, I’m feeling better. That may have something to do with the fact that I took a pot shot at one of Hypnos’ lackeys with a handgun and miraculously hit him in the arm, but whatever. I’m fine now. And I’m starting to get better at “going invisible.” And Shady is back. Now I feel great.

And…I should probably apologize for scaring the hell out of Eternity. I walked into the house while still “invisible” and “appeared” right next to her while she looked out the window, trying to figure out where that gunshot had come from. Sorry Eternity. My bad…eheh.


  1. LOL being invisible never gets old, unless you're walking up to friends who happen to carry weapons.

  2. Yes, that is dangerous isn't it, Mystery? We know this very well, don't we? Siiigh...

    Nice, nailed him! Should be a nice little warning, no?
    And I am glad to be back. If you feel great I feel great, haha.

  3. Scaring people at night is never nice, at least you apologized lol.

  4. @Mystery: I’m usually not good at being invisible, and I forgot to become visible. I didn’t do it on purpose. This time. But it was kind of funny...I hope she doesn’t read that.

    @Shady: He was partially hidden behind a tree. I have no idea how I hit him. But yeah, next time he’ll think twice about lurking so close to the wards.

    @0harts: No, it wasn’t very nice. I apologized several times, haha. I thought she was going to hit me…

  5. HA! I was watching out a different window, saw the guy go down grasping his arm.
    Nice shot, Skan. Maybe we go hunting together sometime, if they don't take a hint?

  6. @Hawk: Haha, thanks. I doubt I’d be able to pull that trick-shot off again. Sure. They probably won’t take the hint… Hypnos seems stubborn and I don’t think his followers are all that bright.

  7. If I may, I'd suggest arrows. You can get shots with a bow that a bullet simply could not achieve.
    You know, the ones that glance off trees and stick the guy that's not paying attention because he thinks he's safe.

  8. Haha, well if that had been me I probably would have. And I agree with Zia, ever watch someone hunt a moose with a bow and arrow. One clean shot with minimal destruction of the body.

  9. @Zia: I think I will use arrows. I’m a better shot with a bow than a gun anyways… Thanks for the suggestion.

    @0harts: Haha. Yeah, arrows are usually a lot cleaner than bullets.