Thursday, August 25, 2011

It’s really quiet around here.

And it’s slowly driving me insane. Besides the incident with the arm, nothing of interest has happened here. Eternity is getting a little paranoid, not that I blame her. At least she isn’t pacing around the house with a shotgun…that would be me. Hawk and Alex keep giving me concerned looks…

We haven’t seen anyone or anything. No proxies, no Rake. Faustus hasn’t seen the Rake either, actually. I’ve seen Possum around, but he stays at the back of the property for the most part.

If Hypnos is nearby and plotting something, then I really want to make a preemptive strike, but I can’t think of way to do that without starting a large forest fire. And the weather has screwed up my plans…stupid rain. I hope Hypnos got struck my lightning.

So, plan #1. I’m going to make a ward that I can tie around an arrow. Then I’ll shoot the arrow into a tree on the other side of the main wards. Simple. Easy to remember. The trees won’t like it, but I doubt it’s any worse than carving symbols into them. I have a few flawed arrows that I’ll use, ‘cause I don’t like losing the good ones. Going outside of the main wards will still be unsafe, as the new wards won’t be as strong. Still, it’s a deterrent. And I need to do something productive before I snap.

Uh oh. Bad thought. Could they be..? Nah. Last time I checked, the Rake and Slendy weren’t on friendly terms……right? …I’m just gonna go make some of that rue oil now.

Oh yeah, I wanted to make some land mines as well, but I decided against it….or did I? I forget. Hehehehehe.


  1. The boredom can be worse than the terror at times. Thank you for giving me something interesting to read. (Thank freaking god, you know why. I'm not going to be a bitch and explain why to everyone else.) You can always make more arrows?

    Rake and Slendy may be fighting right now, but they are not above teaming up for a common objective. Also, I am never EVER stepping foot on your property. Holy mother of Jesus, I would rather play with possum in the woods than deal with the landmines.

  2. Let's both just hope the Rake isn't up to something.
    @Dia: I've always thought that slender man and the rake have sort if a master and servent thing going on.

  3. @Dia: You’re right about that… You thought it was interesting? Thanks, heheh. (You’ll be done with that before you know it, and then you can take a bunch of Advil and take a nap.) I suppose I could make arrows…

    Oh come on. The land mines might not even be there! (They probably are there. I shall neither confirm nor deny.)

    @Faustus: I thought that as well until I read Steward’s blog-
    A couple of his new-ish posts talk about the Rake.

  4. Here's a thought... build a catapult. Paint or draw wards on rocks with a sharpie. Launch rocks at enemy, thus expanding your warded area, pummeling enemies with rocks, and inducing them to keep their distance.

    I've also always wanted to build a potato cannon. Granted, a potato will rot and probably be damaged on impact as well, so the ward wouldn't last as long as a rock or tree, but I imagine it doesn't make getting hit with a speeding potato feel any better.

  5. Been trying to deal with the silence too, and really I can't even sit in the apartment without having something make noise. Not to get rid of actual silence, just to feel more.. I have no clue, just helps.

    Bows and Arrows, Molotov cocktail, and a nice ol' trap or two, or twenty, get that place protected to the max, might help with uneasy feelings a bit, not alot, but a bit at most? I agree with land mines. Lots and lots of land mines :D

  6. @Mystery: Catapult? That sounds like so much fun.

    Hm... My uncle built a “potato cannon” that launched D-cell batteries up to a mile. I think it’s buried in the garage somewhere. I’ll have to look for it.

    @0harts: I know what you mean. I leave my TV on 24/7, just to have some background noise.

    ...I wasn’t going to say anything, but I also have six Molotov cocktails in a box in the basement. And I also may have been crazy enough to go beyond the wards and set up one or five tree spring noose traps.

  7. It sounds to me like your enemies are gearing up for something big. And it may not be what you expect..
    I personally like the thought of fire. Lighting things on fire and hurling them at your enemies. Just try not to burn the forest down, yes? :)

  8. @Zia: That’s...not a comforting thought. Actually, at this point I hope it’s not what I’m expecting.

    Fire really is a wonderful thing. Beautiful and destructive... No promises, but I won’t intentionally burn down the forest.

  9. All of the Fears are about as powerful as the other, they just don't seem like it at first. Whenever I stop being lazy (and annoyed at idiots), I'll start making posts describing each of the Fears/what they have done.

    Also: I shall neither confirm nor deny that I'm interested in looking to that person for help. Same as with the landmines. ;)

  10. I know for sure that the Rake is less beast-like and more powerful than he lets on... I look forward to those posts.

    Heheh. ;)

  11. Oh then you HAVE been paying attention! Damn good! Don't forget that he can speak, and is thought to cause the Compulsion. That being the need to write these blogs and cause chaos.

  12. Yep. I did some research on him after he first showed up. I know he can speak, both physically and telepathically. The Compulsion is something that I really have to watch out for...

  13. Knowing yourself, inside and out, is the best way to be sure no one can control or compel you to obey. That's why I advocate meditation. If you can make your mind still while at the same time filling up every little bit of your body with awareness, there's nothing for them to control and nowhere for them to hide.

  14. Good deal! I should really make a page with links to the Fears and their work. That might actually be slightly less annoying than the posts I was probably going to make. I'll let you know when it's written...

    Any side effects or symptoms that are out of the ordinary, let someone know. If you start having a compulsion to keep a journal or notebook on hand, be very careful.

  15. @Dia: Alrighty.

    Don’t worry, I will.

    @Mystery: I’m not usually successful at meditation. Can’t get my mind to be still.