Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Friend

I had a little ‘incident’ yesterday. I decided to go double-check the wards, just in case I missed one. It was 94 degrees outside and I had a headache, but that wasn’t going to stop me. *sigh*

I placed a few of my wards in a location that is very hard to get too. To get to them, you must go through a patch of woods, swim across a creek, stumble down a steep hill, and then wade through a sea of stinging nettles and brambles. I call it the Gauntlet.

I decided to bring a shovel with me, just incase a Witches Bottle had become partially unburied or something. I also brought my trusty shogun. Just in case. It’s not fun when you run the Gauntlet while trying to carry a shovel and a shotgun. They get tangled up in everything and you end up nearly shooting yourself.

When I finally reached the creek I left my shotgun leaning against a tree. Not the best idea, but I didn’t want to get it wet. Plus it would throw me off balance since I planned on jumping from stone to stone to get across.

I crossed the creek without getting wet and made it down the hill without breaking my neck. Weaving my way through the brambles and nettles was hard, but I managed to avoid most of the demon plants. I had finally checked the last ward when I heard something large running towards me from the left. I didn’t even look to see what it was; I threw the shovel in its general direction and took off running back to my gun. I heard it falter, but I was too busy being stung by nettles and having my pant legs shredded to turn and see what it was.

As I ran up the hill, I heard it chasing me. I dove into the creek and swam across, nearly braining myself on a rock in the process. I heard the creature splashing behind me, but I had already made it back to my gun. Clicking the safety off, I spun around and aimed at the creature. Said creature barked and wagged its furry tail happily.

There I stood; heart racing, bleeding, itchy, soaked and not amused…staring at a German Shepherd. The dog just stood there, wagging it’s tail and staring back at me.

And now I have a German Shepherd sleeping on my couch. A very lucky German Shepherd. Stupid dog…
At least he’s fairly well behaved. And housebroken. He’s collarless and very skinny, so he’s most likely a stray. Need to think of a name for him…



  1. If at all possible, you should get one of those invisible fences to keep your new friend within your perimeters. I wouldn't like to think of what the Rake would do to him if he got beyond your wards. Not sure how "Possum" is going to react to him either; so you might want to be very careful about letting the dog out of your sight.

    Also, found this blog today. The fellow had a great idea for Rake-deterrent involving hot peppers. You might want to follow him to see if he has any other good ideas.

  2. And the Fellow who left those hot peppers was me. I'm Faustus And I heard from your friend that you were dealing with the rake. Let's help each other out yes?

  3. @Mystery: I need to get one of those, along with some other things. Next time I decide to ‘make a break for it’ I’ll get one. Until then, every time the dog goes outside I’ll never let him out of my sight. Not that he goes outside much. Yeah…not sure how Possum will react to him.

    Cool, I have hot peppers in my garden. I wonder how the Rake would react if I washed my car with that concoction… Thank you so much Mystery.

    @Faustus: Hello there. Yes, let’s help each other out.

  4. @Skan: Execlent. So what all do you know about the rake?

  5. @Faustus: I know about as much as you do. Not sure if you’re into stuff like this, but Witches Bottles seem to deter the Rake.

    If it is dark outside and the Rake is in your yard, and you suddenly turn on some floodlights, the Rake will not like it. The Rake is also capable of screeching loud enough to temporarily make you lose your hearing.

    And I just found out today that shooting the Rake with an arrow is also a good deterrent. It didn’t kill him, but he certainly didn’t like it.