Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catching Up

Hmmm… I haven’t posted in a long time, have I? Well I’ve been busy, so shut up. Eternity’s last post was on December 30th, I believe… Ok, I’ll start there.

Walking. It was fine for the first couple of miles. We even met this awesome farmer guy (seriously, he was awesome), but then it got really cold.

Problem: We had no transportation to that city in Illinois (Chicago), and were afraid to risk anybody’s life for a ride.

Solution: We stole a car! I got it unlocked and Eternity hot-wired it. I’m sure no one will notice. It’s a real clunker. Probably did its owner a favor by getting rid of it for them. Hehehehe.

Three days later we were in Chicago. Ah, Chicago. It’s a pretty nice place, ya know, for a city. With lots of people. And no trees. Or breathing room…buildings everywhere…closing in around me…

This place is horrible. But on the bright side, we’re far less likely to see the Rake running around here. So that’s…comforting. Yeah. Haven’t seen the Rake anywhere for a long time. It’s planning something I just know it…

After we reached Chicago, the trail went cold. We kinda aimlessly wandered the streets after that. My map trick doesn’t work anymore, along with most of my magic, something which I’m extremely confused and slightly pissed about. Also, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t slept in three or so days. Sekhmet is prowling through my dreams in a really alarming way, and Id rather not talk about it, so…

We aimlessly walked the streets for days on end in grim silence, prowling relentlessly through shadow-ridden back allies, hoping against hope that a lead would happen across our path. But alas, none came. And just then, when all hope had begun to fade…epiphany.

So I was all like, “Let’s be Runners!” and Eternity gave me a really strange look.


  1. I hope you find what you're looking for in Chicago. Also if the Rake is planing something I'll probably be the one of the first he gies after considering what went down in December heh.

    1. Thanks Faustus. :)
      Stay safe my friend. I certainly hope the Rake isn’t plotting against you.

  2. If you kids keep running you're going to eventually run out of gas.
    Why not make base somewhere instead of desperately scrambling for safety? It would make things more interesting.
    A lot more interesting.

    1. Ah, I do believe I’ve been mistaken for an actual Runner...good. Well, Varg’s Older Brother, I do indeed have two bases of operation. One is my house, which is a small fortress that will be getting upgrades in security as soon as I have the time. The second is..classified, I believe. And also, and this is most certainly a result of my rampant paranoia, but you come off as vaguely threatening.

      How’s Varg doing?

  3. Heh, nice way of blowing your cover. However i do recommend staying at a base for better protection. But if you insist on running around, be my guest. Glad to hear that i'm feared

    We've been better. I'll explain more in an upcoming post on our happenings and on the mess she got herself into. I'm still trying to patch things up from her undoings though, but I'll be going to a good friend for help on that.

    1. The cover was fragile anyways. As soon as we find who we’re looking for, I’m going straight home, back to base.
      Feared? Not so much, but you are rather ominous.

      Hmm... Friend?

    2. I'll let you decide that for yourself.

      But why make a cover so fragile? I don't see the point in that.

      But whatever.

  4. Hush it you show off, your not much more threatening than a chihuahua. All bark but no bite, you show off...and i can speak for myself thank you very much. I may have been kidnapped but that doesn't make me mute.

    Hello skan, long time no see. I've been getting better (as my older brother said), we've just ran into a few obstacles...He'll explain all of it, i'm not up to putting up a full post just yet.

    1. Varg! :) :) :)
      Long time no see indeed. Glad to know you’re getting better.
      Ah, I see he posted already. I'll go read the morning. Am barely lucid right now.