Monday, April 2, 2012

Catching Up Again: Part 1

Yeah, I know. I need to post more often.

So I’m standing outside the door when all of the sudden my rampant paranoia kicks into overdrive for no apparent reason. I immediately started looking around for the Rake, thinking I was about to get mauled. Then I hear Eternity yell something, and the next thing I know I’m being attacked by a proxy. She jumped on my back and got me in a chokehold, which I managed to get free of. Then we scuffled some more until Eternity appeared and put an end to it by stabbing Miss Proxy in the arm and then knocking her upside the head.

We then searched the unconscious proxy’s pockets and found a note containing orders, a phone number and an address… (Seriously, who just carries around important information on their person like that? Not the best idea.)

As I looked down at the unconscious proxy, I had a thought. We faked being Runners…so why not fake being proxies?

I smiled and Eternity gave me another strange look.

By the way, Eternity told me to say that she's still alive.

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