Wednesday, September 21, 2011



What a mess.


I had to drug Eternity. I'm sure she'll be pissed, but, she wanted to go after Hawk. I would have let her…I would have gone with her, even…but the Rake was right there. Laughing. Apparently Eternity was too frantic to hear It. We would have been ripped apart.

I can’t believe we didn’t wake up…Alex didn’t even twitch….I felt no warning whatsoever… And now, I feel…unnaturally calm…sick…tired. Guilty? Rational...
That’s not right.

I need to think out my.… move. I have several things in mind. But I need Eternity to be sane for that. And awake. She’ll be out for several more hours. While she’s out, I’m going to try some things to locate him. Divination…if you can even call it that, and a sort of tracking spell. If they don’t work, and I have a sneaking suspicion they won’t…I don’t know how I know that…I’ll try them again tonight, in the wetlands at the back of the property. It will be a good night for it, since…heh. Never mind.

Hm. I’ll post again later.


  1. Oh, no...Hawk is gone too? I sense an escalation again. Good luck finding him. I wish I could help..Being stuck in a canyon unable to feel even my own spirit guides is taking my attention though..

  2. Yeah... Thanks. Not being able to feel your spirit guides always sucks. Hope you get out of there soon.

  3. You...drugged me...Skan...
    Guess i ought to say thank you, probably saved my life again,
    But good lord woman what the hell did you hit me with i feel like it was an anvil..

  4. Yeah, I did. I’m sorry about that.
    You’re’re not terribly mad are you? Can I come downstairs now?
    Heheh, didn’t hit you with anything. You drank it.

  5. Yeah. Come downstairs. I need to talk to you and..I need your help with something.