Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well…I couldn’t just leave it there.

We left Curtis’ body nailed to the tree because it was outside the wards. As horrible as that is, Hawk and Eternity figured it was just too dangerous to step outside the wards because of the Rake. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what they thought. They didn’t say anything, but they made no move to fetch his body. Since the Rake is now killing anything that it can get its claws into, it would’ve been logical to just ignore the body.

But, ya know, I’m not logical. According to Eternity, I am insane. And she’d be right.

While Eternity finally got Hawk to sit down at the table and eat, I casually slipped outside and grabbed a hammer from the garage. I set everything that would slow me down besides the hammer (shotgun, two M-80s, machete, shoes, jacket, large red pipe wrench) in a pile, and slinked over to the property line. Curtis’ body was a ways outside the wards…don’t know how far exactly. I can’t judge distances.

I stared into the woods. The Rake hadn’t been sited for three hours, and I reeked of SC and rue, but that all meant nothing. I thought about asking the Fae to see if there was anything threatening nearby, but decided against it. Either the Fae are completely ignoring me now, or I just can’t sense them anymore. Either way, they are completely unhelpful.

Not seeing anything, and not hearing anything other than birds, I cautiously made my way to Curtis’ body. I got the body off the tree and slung it over my shoulder, surprised at how light it was. I started to stagger back to the house, no longer able to move quietly. I was halfway there when I heard something rustling behind me.

I froze, twitching slightly. When had the birds gone quiet?

I got the feeling that I was about to die horribly and I heard the Rake snarl. I quickly made my way back to the property line with the Rake in hot pursuit. I almost made it too, but the Rake swiped at me and caught me on the back of my left leg just as I stepped over the wards. Thrown off by the body’s weight, I did a (no doubt impressive) flying summersault type maneuver and landed in a heap in the landmine crater on the front lawn.

The Rake actually followed me across the wards a little, before hissing and shuffling backwards. Guess they still repel it…

The cut on my leg is shallow, but it really fucking hurts. I’ll be walking with a slight limp for a few days until it stops hurting, but it was worth it. Why’d I do it? Because I felt like it.

I regret nothing.

Not sure what we’re going to do with the body now that we have it. Cremation is definitely out; the smell of burning human flesh makes me nauseous (don’t ask how I know that), and it might attract predators (Possum).

Now I’m going to go curl up on the couch with my cat. No more shenanigans for tonight, I promise.



  1. Okay what the hell I I thought my SC and using rue was full proof. This is kinda discouraging. :(

  2. I know right? But the Rake is kinda out of his mind with rage at the moment, and I didn’t have my pouch full of rue with me (it was in the jacket…). I also didn’t have that much SC on me, for fear of it eating through my clothes and burning me.
    Plus, I *was* carrying a dead body. Might’ve disguised the smell of SC and rue a little.

  3. At any rate I hope your leg gets better soon.

  4. Thanks. It feels better already. Yesterday it felt almost like a burn, now it just stings.

  5. Skan. You are insane. You. Are. Insane.
    I'm glad that all you got was a leg injury. Woman, do I have to follow you around everywhere too??

  6. You just noticed? :) Haha, sorry.
    Me too. Nah, I’ll be less reckless from now on...probably.

  7. I am going to lock you and Hawk both in the basement here soon. So that neither one of you goes out and gets eaten..

  8. Skan...My God woman. Eternity is right. You are mad. I'd burn that body though, despite how much you don't want to. Something feels wrong about its presence in your warded area..