Monday, September 5, 2011

Was going to post this earlier-

-but I was too busy I was going around painting large ‘Xs’ all over the outside of the house, the attic, the basement, and the crawlspace. Carved them into a few trees as well. Besides, most of what happened has already been told by Eternity and Hawk.

They got across the wards… I have no idea what Hypnos did to his minions, but it allowed them to cross the wards. Sure, the wards keep the hell-beast out (I hope...), but some mind-fuckery from Hypnos renders them useless. Shit. (Yes, I made them correctly, so shut up.)

And they only stepped on ONE mine. What a rip off. At least the landmine detonated like it was supposed to. (I made more landmines…a lot more landmines. And two gallons of rue oil. I also put some rue into pouches. Everyone is now required to have these pouches with them at all times. No exceptions. This includes the cat and Alex.) But anyways-

I flinched as I heard the window in the next room shatter. Son of a- Hawk darted into the other room, leaving me with the bastard who just broke my door. The proxy lunged at me with what looked like a pipe, and swung it at my head. Instead of shooting him point-blank in the chest, I remembered the kill-shot policy and ducked. He nailed me in the arm and made me drop my shotgun, then swung the pipe at my head again. I dodged it and pulled the machete I had hanging from my belt out of its sheath. We traded blows for a while, but our skirmish came to an abrupt end when I retrieved my shotgun and smashed the butt of it into the side of his head. He went down, got back up, and proceeded to stagger back outside. Then Hawk ran back into the room.

The warded rocks were a last ditch effort that worked wonderfully (thank you Mystery). If they hadn’t worked, I would have completely disregarded the no-kill policy. Yes, yes, I know. Killing is bad. I know this. I agree with this. Really, I do. Just let it be known that I will kill anything that comes after my adopted family…unless the adopted family says otherwise.

And now we have a screaming minion tied up in a spare room. Alex is really happy about that… he’s been growling at the door for two hours. (Hypnos…you offer is being carefully considered...we’ll let you know shortly…)

The yard is a complete disaster. I feel my eye twitch every time I look at the charred grass and large crater left from the explosives. But all in all, I think we fared pretty well. The bullet graze on Eternity’s arm and the cut on Hawk’s face are the worst of our injuries. Most of the damage to the house has been repaired, except for the window. I ended up duct taping a large piece of cardboard (lightly sprayed SC and with an ‘X’ drawn on it) over its remains. I’ll fix it eventually.

Hypnos has a lot of underlings. I wonder how many the Rake brought down? Maybe Possum got a few; he’s usually out at night. Though…he isn’t all that aggressive. At least I’ve never seen him be aggressive.

(I’ve also started a mini rue garden)



  1. I keep holding out hope that Hypnos will get too close to the Rake and the Rake will jump his shit.
    But. It hasn't happened yet. I wonder sometimes if his mind-tricks hold off Rake somehow. Or if it's his connection with Slendershit.

  2. I am happy to see that you god rid of your attackers without much loss of life. There is a lot of honor in that.

  3. Got rid of, excuse me. My typing skills, they fail tonight.

  4. Probably the connection to Slendy, if I had to guess.

  5. @Hawk: Could be either. I really don’t know why the Rake hasn’t eaten him yet.

    @Zia: The less death the better...

    @Dia: You think so? Maybe Hypnos is too high-ranking for the Rake to eat without attracting Slendy’s attention.

  6. The Slender jerk and the Rake have been fighting for god knows how long. 'Eating' Hypnos would just piss off Slendy.

  7. I know...but it’s still nice to think about.